At JBeginner we can provide you with a Custom Joomla Install and Setup that is a step above the standard Joomla install.

betterJoomla is Joomla, Why is your install better?

True we are using the same joomla install package as the base, but our is better because we also install the the must have Joomla extension.

costSounds Great What will it cost me.

It depends, if you sign up with one of your approved hosting partners we will install our Custom Joomla Setup for Free, otherwise we can install Joomla for a fee.  All of the software is free you are paying for our time and expertise to ensure you Joomla project starts off on the right foot.

installedWhat will be installed?

Here is our list of extensions we will install.  We make the list public so you will see exactly what you will be getting, what you do not get if you install all the extensions yourself is the confidence that they will all work together correctly.  We also save you the time of downloading all the extensions yourself.

Joomla Extensions

joom-extensionsAkeeba Admin Tools

Configure and manage database tables, permissions, and other administrator settings.

Akeeba Backup

Configure and manage the backup of your Joomla directory and database in one downloadable package created by Akeeba Backup.


Write articles like you're using a professional article creation program like Microsoft.

NoNumber Extension Manager

Manage all the extensions in the NoNumber product line.

NoNumber Modules Anywhere

Display modules inside of content by using short code in your articles.

NoNumber Advanced Module Manager

Keep your modules organized with color coding and other methods.

NoNumber Cache Cleaner

A quick way to clear the Joomla system cache built into the top tool bar in the administrator menu.


Build a site map right from your existing menus. This is good for SEO.

Joomla Plugins

Header Tags

Turns the default Joomla titles from H2 to H1 which is better for SEO.

Javascript Control

Keeps unused scripts from being called which speeds up page speed.

Joomla Configuration Changes

JCE set as default editor

Smart Search Enabled

Article Options adjusted to optimal settings

Free Joomla Install


1. 2. 3. Free

Click Here to find out more about getting your Joomla Installed for FREE!


Purchase Custom Joomla Setup

Interested in Getting a custom Joomla setup and ou already have a good hosting company?

Not a problem.  We can provide our custom set up for $100.  With this install you get all the features and benefits of our custom joomla setup.

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