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Beginning your first Joomla site can be overwhelming.  Extension, Modules, Plugins, Templates, it gets confusing. The good news is we can get you started on the right foot.

We have created the best Joomla learning guides available.  Most of these guides were created when we need to to learn and accomplish a new tasks. 


The Best Way to Learn Joomla

New to Joomla and not sure where to get started?  We are here to help.  JBeginner has a wide range of Joomla tutorials that range from installation to advanced configuration of Search Engine Friendly URLS.

Most of our tutorials started out as internal notes on how to accomplish basic joomla tasks for client websites.  Over time we created more and more soon we had enough instruction to create an entire site.  As time moves on we are adding more and more video tutorial and instuction.

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Start out on the Right Foot

By starting Joomla with JBeginner we get you started on the right foot.  Our custom Joomla install starts the latest Joomla release, then we add the most popular extensions to extend the functionality of Joomla. 

Our added extensions include backup tools addition administrative tools, advanced module management, improved text editors among others.  To finish off your setup we will make it Google Analtyics ready. 

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Additional Services

JBeginner also offers additional services for those with complex setups or the need for professional assistance.

We have all been there, you have a problem that has become increasingly difficult to solve or you have very tight time constraints and need to get a site up quickly. JBeginner provides professional services for just these situation.  Our staff has an incredible amount of Joomla Experience and are available to help. 

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Recent Updates from the Blog

Training Videos

Watch our videos to get Joomla set up in no time. Our videos are designed to walk through different stages of Joomla. From installation to mastering Joomla, our guides will help you figure out how to make Joomla work for you.

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